Wednesday, February 09, 2005

No! I am not barefoot, and certainly not...

In the past 24 hours I have had two conversations with two different people, both of which have disheartened me somewhat.

The first was last night at my choir rehearsal - my first for this year. I was patiently waiting in line to receive my copy of the score. One of my fellow choristers sidled up and began looking me intently. Or more specifically looking at my torso intently. She then leaned in and asked if I was "expecting". I didn't quite know what to say - but a polite "No" was all I could muster until I recovered my sensibilities. If anything was to reconfirm my newly instigated diet - surely this was the clincher!

The second conversation was this afternoon with a woman that I work with. Quite a while ago she attempted to set me up with her brother - which proved a dismal failure. She approached me this afternoon enquiring as to "what I want out of life". I mumbled something about wanting "it all". A sense of calm overtook her, and then she began to tell me about a gentleman she would like to introduce me to. She wanted to ensure that I wanted to "settle down", because this gentleman wants a "homely woman"!

Now when I hear the description "homely", I think of unattractive, dull and fat. Harsh perhaps, but nevertheless that is the imagery that comes to mind. So I think I may be in need of a revamp of the image, if the current image I am presenting is pregnant and homely! Bugger Queer Eye for the Straight Guy - can someone please give this Straight Girl some help!


Anonymous said...

With the red lipstick you wear and your occasional "choice" language, you will never be "homely" girl!!

Anonymous said...

no, not "homely" - it's "horny"