Sunday, February 27, 2005

Sinking dread.... and then a reprieve!

This evening I attempted a blind date. Such things, sadly, are not foreign to me these days. This particular gentleman, as are most of the men that I meet these days, was from the Internet. He had no photo on his on-line profile, which I berated him for throughout our on-line conversation. Despite this reticence to show himself on-line, he appeared eager to meet face to face.

He arranged the time and place for us to meet. I duly arrived, ten minutes early, to settle with a glass of wine and to survey the lay of the land – if you will. Whilst sitting there I must admit to feelings of ambivalence at best, utter apathy at worst. Every time I saw a gentleman walk up the street by himself, I assessed quickly whether he was the potential beau for the evening. I found myself dreading the moment.

Thankfully, he never turned up.

So I can surmise one of three scenarios.
1. He forgot. In this case, if he forgets a date within hours of making the arrangement, the long-term success of him remembering anniversaries/birthdays/children’s names is not looking good.
2. He changed his mind. Not a crime against humanity, especially considering my mixed emotions about the whole meeting anyway. But considering he had my phone number – a polite call even to give some lame excuse would be most acceptable.
3. He did turn up, saw me, and then changed his mind. Again, not a crime – but requires the same courtesy as mention in (2).

Any other scenarios, such as massive head-on collision where he is rendered incapable of making a phone call, by virtue of both arms being ripp

ed off, or alien abduction, are also certainly allowable, but not considered at this point.

So really, what annoys me most was not the waste of money (parking, petrol, glass of very ordinary wine)or the meagre embarrassment of being stood up, but what annoyed me was the sheer waste of time. I would much rather have been home doing the ironing.


Anonymous said...

What a pr*ck. And you'd think he would pick a place where the wine is better than ordinary!

it's been a while for the entries Miss C, welcome back. Miss D

Simon D G said...

Hmm..may be he was just a kid playing a prank with u .I wouldn't have let go a blind date.