Thursday, March 31, 2005

I have a blog entry I would like to write, but the only thing holding me back is the want of a good pseudonym for the main character. When Pear writes about her beau, his pseudonym takes over his real name - surely Taxman would have to agree it is a very suitable name! When I picked Twelve's name, I was very happy with that one - and he seemed to be as well - since he had helped in the decision-making. 'Tis a shame so few entries featured the lovely Twelve.

But sometimes, naming creativity does not strike. Case in point being "B", a very banal choice indeed, which some people might comment as their opinion on his less-than sparkling persona. LawyerGuy (whose Blog has gone by the wayside for the moment) peppered his entries with a variety of witty names, both descriptive and somewhat waggish(e.g. Side-kick Associate, Video-Clerk Paralegal).

So until I happen upon a name that feels just right, I am afraid there are some entries going unwritten.

PS Suggestions gratefully received!

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Anonymous said...

Want to give us some keywords for us to work with and pique our collective interests more? - R