Monday, April 04, 2005


Well the votes are in for the new name.... actually quite a small polling sample. As per usual, the wit of S was hard to beat. The chosen pseudonym is Santiago from "Old Man and the Sea", or in this case "Old Man and the C". Oh, and he is the new man du jour.

For a little while now, my preference for men has been for those younger than myself. When I was younger, I couldn't even entertain the idea of dating someone younger. As I have gotten older, the lure of the younger man has been more and more inviting. I must admit, that they seem to be my preference. I am not sure as to why - is it their obvious youth? Is it a state of mind at that age? No idea, but as I get older, the men have been staying about the same age. Indeed, the divine Twelve represented my most significant age difference in a long time, but it didn't bother me half as much as pursuing a man older than my years. There is probably a Freudian thesis in this somewhere. One can certainly ascertain that as far as my dating life is concerned - I do not seek a "Father Figure" as is often purported to be what most women are looking for.

So, it has come to a point now, when I announce to my friends that I have had a date, or dates, with a new gentlemen, the first question is not "What is his name?", or "Where did you meet?", but in fact, "How old is he?". So to this end, Santiago ended up with his name purely because by some freak chance, he is actually three years older than me.

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