Friday, March 11, 2005

Libido on offer ---- free to good home!

It is commonly espoused that a woman can go out any night of the week and get sex - if she wants it. It might be part urban myth and part legend, but nevertheless, I have oft quoted this phrase. Perhaps to fluff a malingering ego, or as proof, when indeed it has been true. In actual fact, I have been turned down for sex more often than I would care to remember. Many men may poo-poo this statement, as more often than not, the recipient of the polite rejection is a gentleman.

Years ago I proffered "no-strings attached" sex to a gentleman. The difficulty was, I suppose, was that he was a friend of mine. Following my marriage breakup, he took me out to dinner one night to a location that would easily give one the impression of being slightly wooed. I was not averse to the attention. I was feeling down, and here was a good-looking and dapper gentleman escorting me to the requisitely dimly-lit restaurant, for a private table for two. I don't think that I read too much into the evening that was not becoming self-evident. Despite this, it would appear that his actions were merely platonic, and the allusions to intimacy made by myself were deftly declined.

Another gentleman, fondly remembered by his unfortunate vocal resemblance to Mutley, was also offered unlimited, commitment-free sex. And so began our little tryst. The difficulty arose when he began to become emotionally involved. That was never part of my plan for him, and he was certainly not someone I imagined as a significant other.

Most recently, Twelve declined my advances. A few drinks, tender kisses and the presence of an eager partner, were apparently not enough to induce Twelve into intimate relations. I am trying not to take it as an affront. S, in his eminent wisdom - well, at least when it comes to my life - has offered the "he respects you" line. Another comment offered was, "He turned down "no strings attached sex"!! Is he insane?". To which I did have to admit that it may not have been completely without strings - and therein I suppose, is the rub!

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