Monday, March 14, 2005

Words are lovely. I love the way they feel in the mouth when you say them. I like using uncommon words. I love hearing words used. A man who uses language can happily woo me. Indeed, Twelve uttered "umbrage" the other night, and I felt faint. But I do loathe misuse of words.

A gentleman once asked me, via Messenger, to "perswade" him to see me. After that little revelation, I needed very little to dissuade me from banning his name from my "Contacts" list. Bad spelling, and poor grammar, are enough for me to unleash violence. Yesterday I sat blissfully watching Oklahoma, and happily singing along with those well-known show tunes, when a grammatical error the size of "Oklahoma" stuck its prominently misbehaving self in my face. Picture "Curly" sitting astride his horse, singing for all the world to hear about the beauty of the morning, when he proclaims " high as a elephant's eye". Since hearing that abysmal line, I have kept playing it over and over in my head to relive the grammatical trauma inflicted.

Of course, for some people the very fact that I watched "Oklahoma" is probably torture enough.

P.S. S - I think your version of "Surry with a fringe on top" is still better.

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Anonymous said...

LOL, you're damn right it is... -S