Friday, March 18, 2005

Mr DeMille, I am ready for my close up

I had dinner last night with some delightful people. Over a lovely dinner, I revealed the presence of this blog, which had my host asking immediately for the address. With a broadband connection at the ready, he quickly loaded up the site and began a quick scan of the contents of this meager addition to the plethora of internet literature. I was asked during this time, whether I found it a little confronting having people reading my site in front of me. Indeed it was a little perturbing. But I suppose no more so than when people read my blog, people who are little more than strangers to me, and pass comment, not via the comment section, but more directly (e.g. via Messenger, or even worse, in person).

Of course, it has not helped that I have this site linked from my hotmail address. So any person encountering me on Messenger, can find their way here and read up. Most recently, Twelve read his way through a goodly portion of it, and has oft quoted things back to me. But what is interesting when people know that you have a blog, is that they immediately ask when they might feature in it. My friends from last night indeed commented on whether or not his wife's delightful cheesecake would warrant a mention. (And apparently it does!).

S used to often beg for inclusion. B was never particularly impressed about the idea of being written about - no matter how complimentary it may have been. So it seems, that for some reason, the exiguous fame promised here is alluring, until of course, they realise that their misdemeanours and indiscretions, as well as their praises, may end up on here as well.

Rest assured, the only crimes that are written about here are those pertaining to my own idiocy in my life journey. If you have revelations, get your own blog! (But please include a link to me!)

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Mike said...

I found your blog when you commented over at celibate in the city- and it made me wonder... di you grow up as a Mormon? Becasue I met a Cath when I was in Melbourne on my mission.

Oh, and as for grammar in Oklahoma I think that it is written as "an" not "a"