Friday, June 03, 2005

Call him my "Backup Memory"

I am a great one for discussing my life - hell, what is a blog but my way of sharing with the entire world. But invariably there are a few people who get the brunt of it face to face. Of late, PSD has proven a most impressive confidante. As always, S is also a very noble and receptive listener. But what amazes me about S is the fact that he can keep track of all the dramas (read: men) in my life. Whenever we talk about the woes of my love-life, we refer to them by their pseudonyms (as are used here). S keeps admirable track of all of them, and only gets confused when I mistakenly introduce their "real" names. I know there are lots of people who can remember useless information, like millions of Simpsons' quotes, but this truly impresses me.

Helpful too. I can always ask S, if I forget exactly who I am seeing.

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