Monday, May 30, 2005

Now what?

Things are less than sterling for me at the moment and I can't decide where self-fulfilling prophecy of failure ends, and just the crap of the universe begins. The difficulty I have is that when I am feeling a little down about things, I can never work out if it is just a crappy day, or whether a return of something more sinister. Depression is a curious thing, that seems to hang over my head, even when I am feeling good. There is that fear of its return. Any feelings of inadequacy, malaise and melancholia that last for more than a day, spark a fear in me that I might be sinking into the dark place again.

Either way, this current bout sounds a lot self-centred!

So what is the latest thing to have tipped the scales? Well, last night I was offered a threesome from a boy I have a crush on. Which rather than being flattered, just got me pissed off.

And then I burnt my lip on some really hot soup.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The fact that you had enough self-worth to be offended says to me that things aren't as bad as you fear.
Chin up, GF. :-)