Sunday, July 17, 2005

Distance makes the wallet fatter

It seems the days of being bothered by the Bangle-Hating Nazi are soon to be behind me. I am to be spending part of my working week in beautiful Ballarat and the other half in Footscray. Ironically, I hate commuting for work, and have actively sought my home to be relatively close to my work location for the past several years. Now, I am to be commuting 110km to Ballarat every week for however long I decide that this job is for me. There is of course, financial incentive for this change in location, which soothes the pain.

So that has been the big news for the week.

Oh, that and the Opera Singer called. We dined, laughed and shagged like minks. And yes, he does have a fiancee. But as Miss T points out, yes, she is beautiful, but can she tap dance?

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Wishtup said...

I guess minks are a lil more exotic than your ordinary, everyday rabbits.... lol