Thursday, August 18, 2005

Freaks and stating the obvious

I am now in the home straight in the training with only 2.5 half days to go. It is going pretty well, with some good trainers and access to resources. Invariably, the most amusement comes from the fellow participants in the training course.

One of the gentlemen, presents as an old-fashioned looking sort of person, with monogrammed shirts and exquisitely shined shoes. But appearances can be deceiving. Day one of the course, he turned to me to thank me for "our support in the war". I thought it wise not to firstly enquire as to what war (considering his age, I figured anything post 1900 was possible), but also not to actually express my feelings on the situation in Iraq and Australia's involvement. If his curious comments had ended there, I would probably just think him a quaint sort of man with an obvious deep love for his country and a misguided belief in "Dubya".

But then the sexist comments started.

Day one of the course involved us planning patients for treatment in the pelvic area. The patient we were given (CT scans, not an actual person!), was male and therefore had all the usual male anatomy. I enquired to the trainer on how to outline the "appendage" for the plan, since it was a requirement of this type of treatment to take note of all anatomy in the treatment area. Freaky Old Man (FOM) turned, winked and said, "Of course you noticed where the penis was!".

Umm...thought I was doing my job - apparently I was being sexually aroused by diagnostic medical images!

FOM then asked a question of our instructor, joking that he just wanted her to come over and lean over his desk. He also felt the need to point out that I was female, by looking quite pointedly towards my chest. At which point, I looked down and grabbed my breasts, feigned surprise and said, "Oh my God - is that what these mean!".

I was hoping to shock him, but I think he just thought it quaint. Bugger.

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