Friday, August 19, 2005

We've all got something....

One of my favourite books that I have ever read is "Kiss and Tell" by Alain de Botton. He chronicles the life of the very next person that enters his life in a very thorough and intimate way. Not just an examination of the major things that happen in Isabel's life, but also the more mundane details. What vegetables do they dislike? Do they like their sauce on the side or on top? How do they fold their towels? Do you eat vegetables individually, or a collection in each mouthful? Their are thousands, if not millions, of small things that make up our foibles and quirks.

So what are some of my quirks? Here is a selection.
1. I fold my towels in half, and then in thirds.
2. I iron my sheets and tea-towels. This is much more sensible than it sounds. No, really.
3. I eat left-handed, even though I am right-handed for everything else.
4. I eat virtually everything except honey and cooked apple. Blah! Both smell like vomit.

... and so many more.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my sister eats left handed and is right handed. i am left handed but eat right handed...what is going on!

Miss T