Thursday, August 11, 2005

Toto, I don't think we are in Kansas anymore!

Since my last post, I have travelled far from Ballarat and I am currently suffering from horrendous jet-lag, and am writing this from within my hotel, somewhere far west of St Louis, Missouri. I have seven days of intense training ahead of me, and hopefully, I shall not sleep through the first three.

Today, I kept fairly close to the hotel because of a combination of no public transport that I have as yet located, and the fact that I didn't want to be too far from my bed at any point in time. The complex that my hotel is in, possesses not much in the way of things to keep one entertained. It has about 20 restaurants and cafes, one newsagent and that is about it. So I visited the newsagency to grab a magazine or two to keep me entertained, albeit briefly before I generally nod off to sleep.

It appeared to me that this newsagency carried a magazine for every taste and desire that one could imagine. I suppose, I could probably find similar at home, but invariably, I do not wander into newsagencies for entertainment value when there. There were magazines on scrapbooking, beading, using eBay, Diabetes lifestyle, opera, writing literature, editing, and so much more than I describe and adequately to justice to the selection.

But the amusing, and ironic, quote of the day came in response to a customer query looking for a particular newspaper. The response was, "Sorry, we don't carry any out of town newspapers". This is fair enough. Except that the name of the shop was "World News".


Anonymous said...

Good to hear that you arrived safely Miss C, hope the 7 days are hard working BUT lots of fun. Maybe a little magazine on macrame or decoupage will keep you out of mischief!!! Miss D

J said...

Ah, staying in Westport. If you get a chance and can get to the Central West End try Bar Italia, tell Mewael I sent you. Another option is Eau. If you get downtown, Kitchen K or Mosaic.

Lived in STL for several years and recently moved to the Boston area. Also take in a Cardinals game.


Wishtup said...

How do you fill a magazine on how to use eBay??? so much for your hopes of finding the Ballarat Courier at World News... you must've been crushed! hope that your excellent sleeping skills have managed to keep up with demand!