Saturday, August 06, 2005

Well, if I really must....

With the recent minor change in my employ, I have been spending some of my "as-yet-to-be-earned" new-found wealth, with a great flush of joy.

Most recently I have treated myself, with the help of Miss Katja and Mr Joel, to a PDA. This means of course that I can take my entire life with me in a very small piece of electronic equipment, but also means, I am afraid, that making a "quick note", takes significantly more time. But the best fun yet is to be had from my new digital camera. I have resisted until now, primarily because I have a perfectly good analogue camera. The trouble with it being, that I never go and process my films. I have about three rolls waiting from my trip to Bali - and that was a year ago. So in the interest of instant gratification, I have succumbed at last to a naff little camera.

This of course means, that I can now bombard this blog with photos - a thrill not yet experienced by this humble blogger. Some blogs become a modern day version of a slide-show, which is all very well, but mind-numbingly dull. Fear not that I shall suffer this fate.

But, indulge me this once.

So here is the place that I shall be spending much time at in the beautiful Ballarat.

I reckon I shall cope.


Wishtup said...

Looks a nice place : ) and a quick to load file even! : รพ

Fresh? said...

That place looks haunted. Wear a cross.