Thursday, September 29, 2005

And the special of the day is....

I have worked in hospitals for a very long time. They never feel like real hospitals to me, since I never see wards, and all the sights and smells one associates with hospitals. To me, I work in an office-type environment, with lots of computers and other high-tech pieces of equipment, where there just happen to be some "sick" people roaming around on occasion.

Today, when I went to purchase some lunch from the adjoining hospital canteen was honestly the first time I realised where I work. The fare on offer was the most repugnant, primordial sludge that I have had the displeasure to see termed rather remarkably as "food". Suppressing an urge to ask exactly what the steaming trays were meant to be, I decided quickly on a sandwich. At least there were ingredients I could identify.

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