Monday, September 19, 2005

Dirty words

I have long held a particular philosophical opposition to the word "cunt". Certainly not for any reasons of some missish-ness related to use of such vernacular. But because I find it offensive that the word considered the most vulgar word in the English language should be that which is used to describe female genitalia.

Someone can be a "bit of a dick", and it is good-humoured ribbing. Someone can "cock-up", and it is harsh, but not socially unforgivable. But call someone a "cunt", and it is considered the highest of insults. People who bandy about the word "fuck" with little thought, would often never think of using "cunt" in the same company. In fact, it seems that only a certain lower socio-economic demographic, and the porn community, use this word freely.

But I think I have happened upon another word that strikes fear into many people when uttered.


Yep, that's it. It seems that "relationship" is associated only with some sort of acknowledged amour, but it really is a generic term. Mention to a gentleman that you may have met for coffee, about your "relationship" with him, and he will immediately panic. But, of course, any connection or association with someone is a relationship. We might have a boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other, but we have hundreds of other relationships in our lives. I have a relationship with my flatmate, and with my colleagues, and with the people who serve me my brunch on the weekends regularly.

It is a word that is sadly misconstrued and all too often, used wrongly and without context.

Thus endeth the lesson.


Anonymous said...

You have a relationship with your flatmate???????? EEeewwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHAT THE?????????????????

Thats it its off, no, never now!!

Tommii said...

I set off surfin' bloggsville and was wrecked among the mediocrity of international bloggers when suddenly a hurricane sprung up and escorted me back to my own shores whereupon lo! and behold! and forsooth! an Aussie gal, Cathy be her name.

I c*nt tell you how nice it is to find I am not the only Aussie left on the bloggersphere.

Occidentally said...

Thanks for you comment, Cath. I'm not familiar with the expression "cock-up", but I'm rethinking my position on callng someone a "cocksucker", very few of whom I've met I don't like a lot!

I tried telling a woman I'm seeing that she's a real cunt (as a test of my new feeling on the subject), and she wasn't amused, despite my explanation. I don't think the world is quite ready for us.