Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Oh Yeah... there... that's it big boy!

It seems the most common type of sex that I get to have these days is virtual. Potentially depressing, but certainly avoids that messy post-coital talk and luke-warm promises. I find it amusing to think that attired in my shabbiest PJ's, sans makeup and perhaps in need of a little pubic topiary work, I can present a sexually-charged woman able to fulfill fantasies of a wide variety to an on-line beau. It has taken a while to get into the concept of virtual sex, and I vividly remember my "first time".

I had not long been separated, and too emotionally insecure to venture out and meet real men. Thus the avenue of on-line lovers made a nice segue into the eventual real world for me. So, I discovered a chat room of some type, where "consenting adults" could do their thing. Before too long, I was conducting trysts with three or four men at a time.

Luckily, I am a rather fast typer, so I could jump from one conversation window to the next with relative ease. My imagination had far more difficulty keeping up rather than my fingers. It never ceased to amaze me the variety of stories that these men would come up with. All manner of fantasies were played out, that rather than turning me on, more often than not, had me in stitches of laughter.

I have since found that on-line sex is hazardous to my health. Since I sit on a fit-ball when at the computer, I am prone to falling off rather ungraciously if things should become too amusing for me.

So be wary of who you are having on-line sex with, it might be me laughing haughtily at you. Of course, I might be on the floor after falling.

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