Wednesday, October 05, 2005

"Alone again, naturally"

Well so much for waiting upon the second date with him. He insisted upon a drink last night where he detailed that he said that he should "never have invited me over for dinner", "never have sms'd me" and "never fooled around with me". How about that for a kick in the guts? I am stunned at such a swift change in attitude. But then again, given my history, nothing should surprise me anymore.

After our drink, I regaled this conversation to a friend, who also knows him. She was shocked, and taken aback. She declared, "But, he so obviously likes you." Well, apparently not.

Anyway, we moved on from this conversation to happier topics, whereby she stated, "Your perfume is gorgeous. What is it?". Having one's perfume acknowledged, especially when you go to an effort to select a scent, is a wonderful compliment. But, with a great sense of irony, I smirked and quipped, "If you can believe it, my perfume is "Him"". Seems his name is to haunt me!


Anonymous said...

I met someone recently who only ever wore one perfume per boy. Her thinking was that if the relationship ended and he then smelt that fragrance again he would only be reminded of her .... and of what he missed out on. A bit like Pavlov's dog really!

Warsay said...

Ur not alone! I hope you know what I mean.