Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Not feeling the (motherly) love!

It is very rare for my mother and I to see eye to eye on matters of fashion or decor. She has a great tendency to hoard, and my parents, having never moved since I was an infant, have a houseful of all manner of tacky paraphernalia. High on the list of my mother's favourite things is her collection of teddy bears and miniature houses. Thankfully, she usually recognises our difference of opinion and rarely tries to inflict her home-style upon me.

On Sunday, she arrived in town for a couple of weeks, and what better way to spend an unseasonally hot afternoon, was by venturing out for some shopping. As a surprise to both of us, during our shopping trip, I found that we agreed on more than one item of clothing. I commented to her on this curious alignment of our opinions for the first time. She replied, "It must be because you are getting old."

My best come-back at that point, was a mumbled, "Bitch."


ozbhoy said...

miniature houses!

People collect these for fun?

Steph said...

That's funny. Sounds like something my mum would say. She actually tells me when my ass looks fat in certain clothes! I don't always want to know mind you, nor ask, but there ya go.