Sunday, November 13, 2005

Stranger in a not-so-strange land

I did something radical in bed last night. And I was alone to do it.

Relax. Nothing exciting or salacious to tell.

But last night, I experimented with sleeping on a different side of the bed. Well, at least I attempted to. God knows what makes one chose a side of the bed, when you reach an age when sharing a bed is the norm. I believe I decided that the right side of the bed was my side, since that was the side my mother used to always use. So I must have figured, that that was the "correct" side. Eventually, I got so used to that side, that I could not sleep anywhere else, even when the whole bed was available to me. The "other side" seemed foreign territory for me. The room looked weird from there, the bed, just not quite right.

So, with some hesitation in mind, I got into bed last night (from my usual side), and slid over to the other side. The mattress seemed softer, and the pillows a little perkier. Perhaps I could do it this time.

And indeed, I happily slumbered until this morning, when I awoke to find my head on the foreign side, but my lower torso had crept back to the usual location. Hopefully further ventures into nocturnal variations will not involve such seeming dismemberment!


Illegally Blonde said...

Oooh, don't you go pushing the boundaries too far!! You could sleep topsy-turvy tonight for extra excitement...

I just found your blog and I love it - the title drew me in.

Anonymous said...

Just you wait til you get to the middle!!!
Oh yes, I have been sleeping in the middle for quite some time and I really do think it is the best spot. It reduces the chance of falling out too. Sometimes I wake up and realise that I am just a little to close to the edge!
I find myself on an angle quite often too but that's another story involving feng shui.
The spare pillow can go to the side for extra cosiness.
It's only a problem if there is sharing involved!

Miss Tracey