Thursday, December 01, 2005

Here he comes like Don Ju-an...It's better than an o-per-a!

Ms Fits recently offered some suggestions of things to get up to this weekend, especially if you want to avoid the vigils and tears surrounding Van Nguyen's execution. I concur with her support of La Boheme currently playing at the Arts Centre. It is a fine production, modernised beautifully, and featuring a fine cast of singers. Of course, it is a trifle depressing, but you have been warned.

There is a tendency when you say you are going to the opera, that people affect an accent. The word "Opera" becomes "O-pair-rah" with a tinge of faux upper-class British plum. I have always felt it undeserved insult.

But yesterday evening, when at the opera, prior to the start, prior even to the tuning, I attempted a trifle idle chit-chat with my neighbour. I was greeted, if that could be the word used for my reception, with the aforementioned faux accent. And worse still, the misplaced arrogance associated with it. I recently purchased my subscription for next year's season, and as is often the case, you have the same seats for the entire season. As a consequence, I may be sitting beside these "delightful" people once again.

I do hope that I can give them the shits with my middle class boorishness in the coming year!

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