Tuesday, January 31, 2006

And I thought miracles were so passe

I came home tonight to find something changed in my home. A chair moved here. A pile of magazines moved there. A strange overall change in the demeanour of the house. I may need to check the alignment of the planets, but it appears that the flatmate vacuumed the house.

He is always willing to jump on any bandwagon of a new-age guru and the like who promises some sort of life improvement by simply wearing a crystal or listening to a tape. Numerous parcels bought via the internet arrive for him regularly promising wealth and happiness in some sort of neat package. The latest thing for him is Feng Shui. So to that end, he has put up mirrors on just about door in the house, a candle in the supposed "relationship" corner and decreed that a dirty stove-top is bad Feng Shui.

Fucked if I know, but while it has him periodically giving the stove a clean and whipping the vacuum around the house - who am I to argue?

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Occidentally said...

Perhaps he's pregnant. Appears he's "nesting".