Sunday, January 29, 2006

Politically Incorrect

Politically correct language and behaviour is often a dicey area. In some ways, there are definite times and occasions where it is warranted. I, of course, don't abide by sexist and racist comments. Although times have changed. When I was young, I was mortified to hear the word "wog" used. When people called me a wog, I would protest and declare "No way!". Now times are such that wogs can call themselves wogs, and black rap artists are "niggas", and as long as you are referencing yourself - it is all well above board.

But last night, when I was holding court surrounded by a bevy of gorgeous gay boys at PSD's house-warming party, I was told that I couldn't call myself a "Fag Hag" anymore, because it was non-PC. Apparently the term du jour is "Fruit Fly".

For Fuck's sake! Just when I reconcile that I am a woman in my mid-thirties with many gay friend, and that I am indeed the picture post-card Fag Hag, someone goes and moves the goal posts.

Fuckers. Next thing you know, people won't like me saying the word "cunt". Problem?

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rachy said...

Whaaaaaaaaaa? All my poofter mates will be veddyupset to hear this. Hmph.