Saturday, January 07, 2006

Date No 1 for 2006

I had a date today. I was just about to say that I had a "first" date today, but that seems to imply the hope of more than one - and I shouldn't get ahead of myself. Seems of late all my dates start off in my mind as first dates, and end up being "one-offs".

As many regular daters will know, it is always safer to make the first meeting on relatively neutral territory, and limit the time. For example, meeting for a drink, with no required extension to dinner, and possibly keeping a friend on back-up with the safety call to rescue you from a potentially awkward evening. Also, considering that the only men that I have of late dated are all met via the internet, so with no knowledge of them, it seems safer to make the date a situation in which I shouldn't need to worry about my safety and making a phone call from someone's car boot.

But today's date, again with a man from the internet, began at 8:30am. Yes, a.m. - ante meridiem. Requiring me up before 8am to prepare and look reasonable. This is no mean feat, exacerbated by the fact that I rarely rise before 8am even on a work day. But arise I did. Prepare I did. Well at least as glamorously as one can expect at such an hour. He arrived and picked me up, and then we began our excursion. This date was to be an adventure to the country to pick raspberries, fresh from the vine (or whatever it is that they grow on). So already this date, required an early start, an hour or so drive to the location and then picking raspberries with little distraction. We then went onto lunch, and the subsequent return drive home.

All in all, the date went for about six hours, which in anyone's books has to constitute a long time. I will say that it was a delightful day, with an interesting activity to make it all the more memorable. It was also odd being on a date with someone who is so much like myself. Let me detail;
(i) He mentioned he had a blog, and prefaced it by saying "It is probably a little geeky to say". Perhaps there was some relief when I mentioned that I had one too, although his blog seems much more politically bent.
(ii) He also loathes horses and cooked apple - two things that people rarely understand about me.
(iii) He is freaky smart, attends choral works (my own choir - the irony) and is opinionated about books/movies/philosophy - we discussed Chomsky if you can believe that!
(iv) Drives fast and hard - rather like me.
(v) Enjoys Buffy, but prefers the pre-Lesbian Willow, whereas I am mad for Spike.

So, the question now is, will there be a second date? I don't think so - he ended the date saying, "I will email you." Anyway I look at it, that comment doesn't resound confidence in an ensuing romance.

Oh well, at least I got a shit-load of raspberries for the day's efforts.


Wishtup said...

just don't eat them all at once, or that last sentence may be a bit prophetic! ; )

MissKatja said...

Hi 'Ho,

I don't think that sounds like a bad date at all. Lots in common with the boy (although I confess I had no idea you didn't like horsies) and it's not a bad thing to start slow (ie "I'll email you"). It doesn't all happen at once with the good ones.

ozbhoy said...

He loathes horses and cooked apple!

That certainly brought a smile to my face.

Did he mention both of these in the same sentence?

And was it in passing?

I hope it was because if so this guy is a keeper.