Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I am the cutting edge of fashion.

There are some fashionable items that I am very sad to see returned to the magazines and on the streets again. White shoes is one very sad trend that has resurfaced. I remember them the first time - and need not relive that trauma. Mullets, puff-ball skirts and bubble-jeans, are also trends I wish never to see again, but fear that they too will inevitably return. Make-up too has trends, some far more noticeable than others. I remember when everyone of my lipsticks seemed to be a variation of brown, in an effort to look "natural", but instead made me look jaundiced. Now, they are all simply variations of red, in an effort to make me look sultry, but I think probably make me look slutty.

Of course, good taste and refined make-up go out the window when I am made up for a tap-dancing performance. As our teacher says, "Too much is never enough!" Extra long-lashes, extra bright rouge, and of course, extra bright eyeshadow in the ONLY colour for the stage - BLUE! I applied as much was indecent, and then some, and was promptly told that I wasn't wearing enough!

Last night I was shopping with PSD and decided to purchase some eyeshadows (in a naff little case for ease of my frequent travel). The item to be purchased came with pre-selected eyeshadows, one of which was blue. I gasped in horror, and exclaimed that apparently I had heard Blue was making a come-back. The sales assistant confirmed this and assured me that Blue eyeshadow would "bring out the colour of my eyes". To my shame, I fell for this lame line, and purchased the product.

I assured PSD that I had indeed heard this, but I was reticent to wear the shadow since the last time I wore it was for my tap show. I commented that I wore it for the stage, but strangely liked the look of the shadow. He agreed and said, "You looked like a drag queen - but a really feminine one!"


Anonymous said...

Yes it was me who claimed "not enough"!!! I couldn't help myself. It's showtime and there's no point not being noticeable is there???? It was almost like you were trying to not to stand out and I couldn't have that.

Bring on the blue!

Miss T

Dollop said... so hot. Not.

Might be better with a white vinyl mini though and some really chunky cork platforms like EVERY FAT NEW ZEALANDER FEMALE WHO MUST BE BLIND TO THINK THAT THEY EVER SUITED THEM, IF NOT ANYONE.

Sorry. Pet hate.

Daniel said...

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