Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I am a delicate and coy little flower - no really!

True to his promise, Berry Boy indeed did send me a follow-up email from our date on Saturday. It was brief and to the point. Allow me to reproduce it in its entirety for you.

Oh well, only took me a couple of days to polish off the raspberries. Hope you had fun picking them - I certainly did!

I read this with a glimmer of hope - surely an exclamation mark is a good sign? Of course, I am a girl, and will always read far more into it that may be warranted. Wishtup read it and said that Berry Boy now had a clear conscience. He said he would email and he did - and no further response was required. Despite this, I decided to ignore every dating book I have ever read, and responded to BB's email asking if he would like to catch up again sometime.

After a day of waiting for a response (isn't email supposed to be quick!!???), he replied, that he "would love to", but followed it by asking "when, where and why?". "WHY?" I know I did try to tone down the outrageous flirtation that I am known for, but I didn't think I was that effective. Might have to step it up a notch then for the next encounter!


Anonymous said...

Okay, he didn't say "let's meet tonight - I have to make you mine!" but would you have taken that seriously? I wouldn't. I would have pissed m'self laughing.

I reckon it's the kind of email you send when you are unsure of the other person's feelings but want to make contact to keep the contact there. The ! is a good sign. I interpret the email as a way for him to say he felt it was a positive experience and had a good time but not put himself so far out there that if you don't respond with anything or come back with a big bad he won't feel bad/trashed/whatever.


Anonymous said...

Well I congratulate you on making a move against your better judgement. And just look where it got you??? Woo hoo a 2nd date! You see, my method does work. Go berry girl!

Miss T

Bliss said...

Excellent! :)