Monday, January 16, 2006


A little while ago I wrote about finding an old High School friend online. I admit to having been remiss in following this up with my faithful readers. L and I did in fact meet up sometime ago. And it was wonderful. L, his partner (of 16 years!) and I spent a delightful afternoon together.

So much had changed with time, but so much was still the same. We still laughed and joked freely. The years fell away, and he was still the somewhat carefree 17 year old I remembered, but even better. Perhaps, because he was comfortably "out", or maybe age has tempered us both to finally feel free in our own skins. Whatever. It was fantastic.

On Saturday night I had L, his partner and PSD all over for a dinner party. L and I fondly recalled our high school formal and giggled over old photos. One truly does not appreciate how beautiful one was in their youth until it is gone. I look back at photos of me then. Sweet 16 (no, really) and full of angst of life. I was insecure and felt unloved. Somewhat a little like I am now, without the cynical view of age and a divorce under one's belt. But I look at the photos and wonder why I felt so insecure. I peered into my photographed eyes and thought, "Who is this captivating young woman? Where has she gone? Why did she doubt herself so much?" Perhaps 20 years from now I will reflect similar thoughts on the myself right now.

As the evening drew to a close after many wines, we began our goodbyes. Thanks were delivered all round for attending, and for a delightful evening. As L and I embraced to farewell, he exclaimed, "I am so glad to have found you again!"

Amen to that.

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