Monday, February 20, 2006


I don't usually remain friends with my ex's. For a variety of reasons, usually something to do with me hating their entrails, I usually don't maintain any form of relationship with them.

N has been the exception to this rule. I have talked of him before offering me sympathy sex, despite his girlfriend. But irrespective of this oversight in proper behaviour on his behalf, I still like and respect him. His current girlfriend has never really taken to me. Perhaps she is a little insecure about me, or maybe she really just doesn't like me (hmmm, surely not?).

So it is with some hesitancy that I am going, alone, to their engagement party in a couple of weeks time. How shall I be introduced? It seems too insignificant to be introduced as merely a "friend". But certainly, beyond weird to announce that I am his ex.

I will probably opt for the safe "friend" line, but will definitely neglect to mention that he proposed to me well before her. Twice. And I turned him down both times.

And still, I wonder why she hasn't taken to me.


Donna said...

I only ever stayed friends with one ex (likewise, I hated their entrails - love the terminology there by the way!) and that friendship ended as soon as he got a new girlfriend.


I don't believe it's humanly possible. There's always too much aftermath, even if it's a clean, mutual break.

Anonymous said...

bullshit - i am friends with almost all of my exes. i'll give you this, though - up untii i met my husband, i was never "in love" with any of the men i dated (and most were long-term, 8m - 2yr), and they didn't hold any undying love for me either. hence, maybe, being friends once we had parted.

I sure hope his fiance doesn't read your blog.....

Chris said...

You don't validate her choices. She chose him and you rejected him. I'd keep those "ex" comments in your quiver just in case the little party takes an unexpected dive into the gutter.

Anonymous said...

I can't see why you would want to go to the party anyway. If she, as you say, doesn't like you then why bother. Maybe secretly you just want her to be uncomfortable at her own engagement party. Move on!!!