Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The dulcit tones of the radio... not.

I am at an emotional loose-end today. Bad luck has befallen me and I am bereft - musically anyway. It seems that my iPod decided to begin acting strangely; so strange that the people at the shop commented that they "had never seen one do that before".

Oh Goody.

When I have heard others problems with their mp3 players and the like, I have just nodded my head sympathetically, but been thankful of my good fortune. My mother, swayed by an obviously convincing sales-person, bought a Sony mp3 player. She felt confident of her purchase, but after having to reload all her songs to not only the player, but her PC, three times in the first week - she was none too impressed. I just re-iterated my lack of problems and the easy interface of iTunes.

Until now.

It was with a head hung low that I walked into the shop where I purchased my player, after battling with iPod Updates, iTunes software and a non-compliant iPod. With nary a backward glance, he declared that my, up until now, faithful iPod, was stuffed. (That is, of course, a technical term many of us familiar with computers are au fait with.) He relieved me of my receipt, ensured it's date within warranty, and wrapped up the iPod in a piece of paper attaching a statement of its "stuffed-ness".

Apparently, I will have a new one in my hands in about 14 days or so. But what until then? On my drive home this afternoon, I oscillated between no less than four radio stations trying to find one where the music fit my "exacting" standards, the announcers didn't shit me, and where there wasn't an overabundance of advertising. To no avail.

It is going to be a long 14 days.


Anonymous said...

I'm sensing a Lenny-esque saga here. I lived the highs-and-lows of Bellows iPod with her, albeit from a distance. Remember it's only stalking when I start looking through the bathroom window. R

Cath said...

Oh yes R... when my iPod began displaying the apple on the screen... I thought of Lenny. Oh how I laughed then. No more!

Donna said...

You think that's bad! - my car stereo isn't working at the moment, and I had to drive a 45 mile round trip today sans musique.

That really sucked!

Anonymous said...

I have only a radio in my car. The tape deck broke long ago, there is no CD player and any radio station that I pick up will last about 1 1/2 songs before the static takes over and I surf and surf and surf by which time I am at my destination and VERY HIGHLY STRUNG and in need of a drink or LARGE BLOCK OF WOOD TO SMASH IT TO SMITHEREENS!!!!

Miss T