Monday, March 20, 2006


Friday night saw me out again with the boy for whom I decided to discuss my vagina. Such a lovely and romantic evening, with a very delightful man. When I arrived, I was wearing new shoes (very gorgeous, but very new, and hence, a little uncomfortable still). I explained, that I walked from the tram stop to the restaurant, and was happy with the fact that my feet were not yet sore, but I was warning him, just in case I started whinging later. After mentioning my new shoes, he felt compelled to look at said shoes. Positive comments as to my shoes were extolled, followed by the comment, "You have such cute little feet!".

I will point out that my feet are not little, and are rarely described as cute. But I can hope that such a biased comment from him is a sign of even better things to come.


Occidentally said...

A word to the wise...
Do not be tempted to return the compliment and tell him that anything he has is "cute and little"... occ

Cath said...

lol.. thanks!.. I shall try and remember that.