Monday, April 17, 2006

Did I forget to mention it?

For those not in the loop, I am away again for work, but this time in Las Vegas for two weeks of training. I am not a gambler in the slightest, so it makes this a frustrating trip, since I seem to be constantly dodging poker machines at every turn.

The promise of $1 buffet meals seems to be a long gone pipe dream, although I am not sure I would be tempted by such fare. I lunched today at the Vegas equivalent of Spago's, in their cafe section, which proved a somewhat civilised way to start one's first day in Vegas. Of course, shopping was high on my agenda, and I parted happily with more money than I would care to remember in Marc Jacob's, and then also a significant amount in Sephora. Somehow, I managed to not buy myself a memorial Elton John Boa from his dedicated shop. I believe I shall also be immune to the Celine Dion phenomena.


Occidentally said...

Welcome to America, Cath! And remember... What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!... occ

Anonymous said...

Thought you might like to know that Wayne Newton started last night and is very disappointing. I think Barry will rock.

Miss T