Thursday, April 20, 2006

Just another day at work really....

Oh, what an interesting trip this is proving to be so far.

After three days at the training course, I am fully immersed in some technical stuff, and so far seem to paddling in the shallow end, but am fearful of the deep end looming before me. Thankfully, my fellow classmates, 26 of us in all, representing 12 different countries, are proving to be amusing company. Last night a group of us went for a Sushi Banquet, and ended the evening downing a lot of Sake and me being propositioned. It seems that one of our instructors has taken a delightful fancy to me.

And I am not complaining!

He is very cute, and I spotted him on day one and was most intrigued by him. He is ex-military, tattoo-emblazoned surfer, with a booming and ratchety voice, who drives a big truck with black-out windows and attitude to spare. And he is fantastic! Just the thing for a lonesome girl a long-way from home. The only issue is trying to now keep decorum in front of my fellow classmates and his fellow instructors, while we take lunchtimes out to run back to my hotel and shag. It is difficult when he is leading a labaratory session, and brushes his hand along my hips as he walks past. I could devour him on the spot.

As I said, I am not complaining.

So today, with me astride, mid-shag, with room service about to arrive at any minute, and also cognizant of the fact that I had to be back in class in a short time, we laughed, he purred, and declared "Welcome to America Baby!"

Hallelujah to that.

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Anonymous said...

well honey yes I have taken quite the fancy and I have really enjoyed our conversations the past few days and I really enjoyed our lunch time tutoring session and I think that you need more tutoring LOL PURRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Believe me when I say that my appitite for you is the same if not more I would enjoy devouring you right there in the lab or anywhere you would like to be devoured I hope you had a great evening out and I will see you soon honey. By the way for you its not hard to be classy since you are in my book