Sunday, April 30, 2006

A slightly smaller hole

Ok, that sounded ruder than I meant it. But I am referring to Bryce Canyon, as compared to the Grand Canyon. I went up to Bryce Canyon yesterday with two of the guys from class, to stay overnight in a cheesy motel and giggle like a bunch of kids. Thackeray was otherwise occupied with family things, so it left me at a loose end in Vegas. So, we drove up to view a hole in the ground, which proved to be much more majestic than the Grand Canyon from the previous week.

But, as Thackeray commented this evening, was it the hole, or the company? Last week, as I peered into the seemingly endless depths of one of the world's great wonders, I was unmoved. I thought of the far more moving experience that was the man I had just met. Whereas today, with him far away, but with new, and enjoyable, friends close by, this supposedly less spectacular canyon, seemed so much more enjoyable.

The boys and I laughed and acted silly. Teasing and mocking, in all good fun. Three people from three different countries, and different backgrounds, but happily spending eight hours driving together, eating together, sleeping together.

It does seem that one's experience of something is very much coloured by the mind-set that one brings to it. No shit, sherlock. Bearing that in mind, when first organsing this trip to Las Vegas for work, I eagerly arranged a side-trip for a dream destination of New York. I was excited at the prospect of spending a week in such a magnificent city and arranged a night at the opera and many other such cultural events. Being alone there only bothered me as far as safety, not for lack of companionship. So, now that I am frighteningly besotted by this fellow, and about to leave - I wonder how much I will enjoy this side trip now? I may have to try extra hard to enjoy it all.

Phalanges crossed for me everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm, besotted. Phlanges are crossed as requested.

Re: the holes in the ground. I have seen both of the them, loved them both and let's all just remember I was travelling with my family. I got to fly over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter which was way cool. Maybe it depends on exactly where you go in the canyon to look at it. I loved Bryce Canyon although it was about minus 20C when we were there, but the snow was worth it :)

Ho-ho, Ho.