Sunday, June 04, 2006

All this pain - for what?

Now that I am about to undertake a mortgage (well, sort of, the apartment is yet to be built), and am living sans flatmate, I am of course trying to re-establish myself with a budget. So, making lunches to bring to work is back on the agenda. Actually looking at the price of things before just throwing them into my shopping basket has again become a feature of grocery shopping. I am sure I will contemplate many more frugal ideas to help with savings along the way.

One thing I thought I could "cut back" on was my pubic grooming. A Brazilian every few weeks does add a certain dent to one's finances. And, given that my boyfriend is in another country, I thought that this could be one area which I could leave untended until his visit, or my return. But, alas. Apparently, Bond considers it almost one's civic duty to maintain oneself "neat and tidy down there", no matter what. So now I am going to making and keeping my regular appointments, but with the thought that NOONE is going to see the result of the pain.


Anonymous said...

I can give you lots of tips on saving money. Here's a starter:

shop a dockets (they have waxing ones)

read your junk mail

Dan is cheaper than Duncan

Miss T

Anonymous said...

I can give another one... try staying in a few nights a week!!!! Thats three nights I have missed you on your home phone girl!!
Pingu :P

Anonymous said...

hmmm... here is a thought - then let him pay for it. if he isn't going to be there, then just get it done before he is. have you asked him to keep his balls shaved, by the way?

Cath said...

Apparently he likes to keep it all "neat and tidy" no matter what.... hmmmm

anne altman said...

fur will be back. everything old is new again and in no time, big bushes will rule and you will be LOADED, honey.

Ukulele said...

May I suggest a $30 on-off investment of the Breville Personal Shaver?

It has shaved much of my budget and nether regions too.

Ukulele said...

And that should read:


I do apologise.