Monday, June 26, 2006

Beware of hormones and technology

It has often been said that women should never go shopping for clothes or shoes when pre-menstrual. Common sense and reason can take a holiday, and curious purchases can be made. I may have regretted some purchases in the past under such hormonal influences, but for me, perhaps I should steer clear of the net and my mobile phone.

My last entry, below, was one of those pre-menstrual emotional out-pourings that sometimes occur. I get teary. I get sentimental. I get melancholic. So in a fit of all these things, I let my fingers deliver to the world the thoughts of the moment. Wishtup commented on the common sense of such an entry, worried that Bond would read it and what his reaction may be. Bond has read this blog, and indeed commented on one occasion, but by his own admission, he doesn't feel the need to read it since we talk daily. I related this to Wishtup, again affirming my decision to have posted that entry, making drastic declarations public.

Until today.

I periodically check the statistics of where my readership is located. Nice to see persons from all parts of the globe dropping by my little segment of cyber-space. Today, I was looking through the most recent visitors when I noted an entry from Vegas. And the ISP was "his" ISP. And he never mentioned any response to what I wrote. Or the fact that he read it. It could of course be mere coincidence - but I tend to not believe in those.

So now I wonder; Am I so bothered because he has read it and knows what I am thinking and feeling? Or am I bothered because he has read it and said nothing at all?

Either way, best comment to make from me is Fucking Fuck Fuck.


Anonymous said...

My dear,
as much as I would like to say something deep and sincere, I cannot. I am sorry, words fail me at this time. May I say, sleep on it, breath in and out, all things will pass and some are meant to be. ;) and yes, I have been drinking!
I have to comment though that S... to serentiy doesn't seem to link to her normal page for me! Damn Damn Damn... whats wrong with vicarious living/dreaming!

Barry Bass Baritone said...

Thanks for the link, and now i can finally have some excitment in my life, and amusement without alcohol, mind you it always helps.

Donna said...

But that is so when I need to shop. PMT is a great incentive! And a good excuse...

Occidentally said...

How do you check ISPs of vsitors?

Anonymous said...

Hi Cath, i accidently stumbled upon your blog and i'm so glad i did because it seems like parts of our lives are in parallel when it comes to love. Its nice to know that i'm not the only one struggling with fuckwit men.
You write brilliantly so I will be adding your blog to my favourites lsit and visiting it regularly. Anyway, as with the previous comment left on this post, i also would like to know how you can check the ISP of your readers? Is it from the ClustrMaps website? I hope to hear your reply.