Monday, July 24, 2006

Colour me bad - or not at all.

I woke up this morning knowing before even getting out of bed that I felt not quite right. My mood seemed a little off and it seemed more of a struggle than usual to fight the urge to stay in bed. But I knew my mood was definitely off when I went to put my makeup on. Making up my face in the morning for me is tantamount to some people's morning coffee - it is the thing that makes me feel alive. And this morning, it just felt a little harder than normal facing the array of colours available. Trying to decide upon eye-shadow seemed too hard for a moment, and I contemplated calling in sick.



Anonymous said...


*Great* reply to your Friday Q on Ms Fits blog. Sounds like she's up for it!


Anonymous said...

can relate that that Ms Kath. You will be happy in one way for this and not in another. Got a call today from 'you know who', got some news to tell you she said. She's getting married.
This time it has finally sunk in,