Wednesday, July 26, 2006

When I am down, which I very much am so at the moment, shopping always seems to be panacea for all emotional wounds. Of course, the sensible part of my brain says that all it will leave me with is a credit card bill to regret, and some stuff I didn't really need. But I found myself contemplating over two different fry pans on Monday when Rob called mid-shop.

When emotionally bereft, I cannot describe the joy in a simple phone call from a friend. Those calls seem to be few and far between at the moment, but at that moment, in the middle of a kitchenware shop, his call was enough to help alleviate my funky mood for a wee while. With quality fry-pans in hand, and a decision to be made, I enlisted Rob's phone presence for help.

My question was simple. Should I go for the 8" or the 10" fry-pan? It seems my question was redundant. Of those two options, the answer was clear to Rob. Bigger is always better my dear.

I concurred and purchased.

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Anonymous said...

Swiss diamond! Yeah, baby, yeah!