Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Dietary needs

Apologies for my slackness of late. I have no real excuse. I caught up with friends over the weekend. I fended off advances from Opera Boy, who fails to understand my desire to be faithful to Bond, despite his distance. My mother spoke to Bond, and decided he has a "sexy voice". And, of course, I had another case of the sads and some insecurities surface. C'est la vie!

Yesterday I went to see my therapist with some trepidation. I was scared that she would yell at me for some misdeed of mine, or cause me to jump to the defence of Bond (which I apparently do with such speed that it truly amazes her). But, no such admonishment was given. In fact, it was another helpful and enlightening session where I get to learn a little bit more about myself. But the most interesting part of the session was where she was speaking of the relationship between food and our consequent mood.

It is not hard to work out that what goes in, affects us not only physically, but ergo, mentally. So we discussed what I eat, and what she thinks I need to eat. According to her, I need to eat some Lindt chocolate every day (NO, I am not making this up!), some red wine would be good, and a whole lot more protein - preferably from meat sources.

I think it is all too easy to know what Bond's response was when I stated that apparently I needed more meat in my diet. Bless him and his wooing romantic words - goes straight to a girls heart... err loins.

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