Thursday, July 13, 2006

Love me... Love my lipstick!

Each of us has something by which we tend to be defined. Sometimes it is a conscious thing, other times, sub-conscious. I had the misfortune of working with a gentleman with such a pervasive body odour, that one could smell him coming from a distance. It was offensive, but certainly, it defined him. Other people have mannerisms and sayings that are all their own.

Me, I have lipstick. Specifically red lipstick.

I can be spotted on stage by my red, glossy lips. Many people feel that they don't have the courage to pull of red lipstick. Others don't feel that they have the right shape lips to wear it. I am blessed with the perfect lips, and have enough bravado to wear red lipstick to all occasions. I love wearing it, and it has become my signature makeup.

I recently deigned to purchase a gloss in a colour other than red. In fact, it was quite subtle, and could almost be described as beige. It was recommended to me by a makeup artist in Sephora, whose opinion I decided to trust - just this once. Yes, it does look nice, and is certainly different from red for the odd occasion when I feel like being a little more subtle.

But when not one, but three people, including Opera Boy, all comment on how lovely it looks ("That red is nice - but so bright!"), I am a little overcome. Get with it people - RED IS MY COLOUR - and it will stay that way.

Oh, but thanks for the compliments regardless!


Anonymous said...

I *love* that subtle dusky pink gloss. Nice work. And you have very luscious lips, lucky cow.


Jay said...

Hey -- I saw you leave a question for Ms Fits, and felt the need to butt in myself. Feel free to ignore me or tell me to rack off.

In my by no means expert opinion your boyfriend should be very wary of encouraging you towards girls; I have in the past encouraged girlfriends of my own that way. An ex cheated on me with a girl friend of hers I'd almost pushed her towards -- and it hurt just the same -- and these days she far prefers women to men. It could be seen as slightly insulting that being with a girl doesn't count, but most of all I think it's dangerous because there's still emotion involved and he could stand to lose you.

Just my opinion, mind...