Monday, August 07, 2006

I Don't Need No Booze Or Drugs: I Just Chug-A-Lug-O My Coffee

The lovely Rob, slack blogger that he is, has been staying with me for the past week. He has decided upon a life change and moving to Melbourne seemed to be the end result.

Having him staying with him has been no less than wonderful. I have complained bitterly about sharing my home with my former flatmate, and with former partners, but having Rob around has been great. I look forward to going home, rather than grimace at the thought of what disaster may await me. We chat and laugh over dinner, or Buffy, and so far, our own space is respected. Of course, he may be finding it hard, being quite so obviously in someone else's house and not really having "his" things around him.

It is only a temporary arrangement until he finds a place to live (he has already), and his possessions turn up. Part of his move has meant that he is buying an awful lot of stuff for the first time. So we have spent two days of shopping for dinner-sets, bedroom suites, sheets, toasters, cutlery, knifes etc. You name it, it has been bought, or considered. Spending Rob's money has been oh so much fun. Makes me a little jealous.... what would I buy now given the opportunity to start over?

Nevertheless, it is expensive, and things such as fridges and washing machines have yet to be added to the list. In a true sense of prioritising that one just has to admire, Rob purchased a kick-arse coffee machine before getting something to actually keep his coffee grinds and milk for his coffee, cool. No matter, he contemplated over the coffee machine yesterday, while our, rather delicious, sales assistant, Ryan (swoon!) was kept busy by us and another procrastinating customer.

While we marvelled over the feel of the group head and the naff buttons and dials, the other customer posed a question over an alternate espresso machine to dear Ryan. They enquired as to the possibility of a different model machine that had an "LSD" screen.

Rob looked at me and smirked. I looked at Rob and raised an eyebrow. He then said, "Where do we get one of those?". I'd like some of the coffee that these people are making and consuming!

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Anonymous said...

put the coffee on, i'm coming around for some LSD coffee!!