Tuesday, October 17, 2006

"I'm just a reason away, from that something that keeps me sane"

So now we are at the "8 weeks until I leave" mark and I am still stressing. Like that was going to stop. Thankfully, I have wonderful friends around me who seem to be tireless in their dealings with my perennial whining. Perhaps they have just learned to zone out, but nevertheless, I appreciate the understanding nods and conciliatory hugs.

Last night I was relating to Rob my issues du jour. He was relating that perhaps I am doing better than I think, since I haven't been ringing Bond incessantly and leaving near-psychotic messages screaming for attention through sobs. Point of fact, he thought my actions were thus far "very tame". Bravo and snaps for me! In an effort to work through my head demons, I attempted to describe to Rob how exactly I was feeling. My thoughts rattled off quickly; "I am scared, and anxious, and nervous and excited.... surely mostly normal". One of the many reasons I love Rob to bits is his fantastic and quick wit. His response, cunningly quick, "I like the acronym". Bless him! Sometimes the simplest of things can make one feel suddenly normal (whatever that maybe). Although he did go on to say that if I could spontaneously create something that spells out "Menstrual", it would be far more impressive*.

*Not what he actually said, but, it will suffice for artistic purposes.

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