Sunday, October 22, 2006

All I want for Christmas....

I had brunch this morning with S and M, *insert childish giggle here*, over which we discussed much about my upcoming trip to see Bond. One of the major factors in this trip, which is proving to be a bit of a stumbling block, is that it happens to cross over Christmas. Apparently he misunderstood something in my flight bookings - but that is cleared up now - and now I really have NO idea how I am to be spending the yuletide season. One serious option is me alone in a hotel room somewhere strange. But I digress for the moment.

I related to S and M, *insert second childish giggle, with coy smile*, the presents I had planned for Bond for Christmas. When it comes to beaus, I am generous to a fault, and this year will be no different. M retorted that she would just "get him a wallet" until she knew him better. Fair point. But then we turned the tables and said what he could get me. It was agreed that if he got me my normal perfume, he has no originality. If he got me new perfume, he is both brave and suicidal. Therefore, perfume is out. If he indeed purchased the wallet so easily suggested as a gift for him, I would probably declare that he doesn't know me at all. Again, no good. Handbags are good - but too personal, and I am such a bag-o-phile, he would probably pick something atrocious and an affront to my taste. Lingerie is a fall-back position, but I would think it far too cheesy. Books, CDs and DVDs are always welcome, but not from this gentleman, for whom art and literature may as well be foreign countries.

So, it was decided - bling it has to be.

Of course, I have asked him once (ok, more than once), what he is going to get me for Christmas. His response was quick and decisive - "A Green Card". I think I would prefer bling to start with. And if he is starved for inspiration, I can offer some suggestions. These. would look very pretty on me I think. These would also be quite nice. But really, this would guarantee sex. Daily. For months.


londongirl said...

You've already asked him about Christmas presents? Brave girl.

Either you know he's lazy and needs a lot of prodding...or you're really upping your game.

The bling is pretty bling worthy - what are your chances?

rm said...

Hmmm...while I think bling would be an admirable present, if you're going for shoot-the-moon bling, have you considered asking for bling from, say, this company to avoid giving money to the De Beers cartel?

Cath said...

Thanks! I think I am both brave and stupid. He is a little in need of prodding and I am out on a limb. Chances of any bling? Slim to none - but a girl can dream.