Wednesday, October 11, 2006

"It ain't all about the bling you're bringing"... well, just a little.

There are certain times of the day when, due to the wonders of time zone differences, I know I won't hear from Bond. Knowing that I won't hear from him, doesn't mean I am any less needy about wanting to talk to him - but that is a side issue.

So, with this in mind, I spent some time this afternoon perusing a website or two. These website, while not salacious, are probably not the sort that Bond would appreciate me visiting. But, mid-look, my phone rings, and it is indeed him. He greets me with an oft-used phrase of his, "What are you doing?". I coyly responded, "Nothing much". Sensing my hesitancy, and obviously having been sprung, he presses on asking me again what I am doing. I explain, that I *may* have been looking at jewelry online. I leave further details out of my conversation, but let the words "Cartier" and "diamonds" be enough to give you a hint of what I was up to.

It could almost have been amusing, had his reaction not been so emotive ("Unless you are proposing, you can forget it!"). Why, oh why, could I have not lied and said I was looking at porn?

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Anonymous said...

miss C, that 9 weeks is gonna be one hell of a ride if you don't get a grip on things!@!!!!@ You don't want to burn the bridge (and him included) before you get there .... you are going to have to develop a different strategy (and focus) to get you through the next 9 weeks!