Friday, November 03, 2006

These Things

Call me unoriginal if you will, but I do love those "100 Things" Lists. Inspired by Rob, I have finally done my own list. Some you might know. Some you probably won't care. Knock yourself out people!

1. I wear black every day.
2. After I was divorced, I was resigned to never marry ever again. Times change: I want to get married again.
3. I worry every day that people are going to realize I am nowhere near as smart as they think I am.
4. I wear makeup and heels every day (by choice), but love being in my pj’s at home, more than anything.
5. I loathe the smell and taste of honey, pawpaw, rockmelon and apple pie.
6. I think I have pretty feet.
7. I still don’t know what I want to do when I “grow up”.
8. I used to fantasize about being diabetic when I was younger.
9. And when I became diabetic, I thought it was because I made it happen by the power of thought.
10. I will never look at myself naked in the mirror.
11. I love Christmas Carols.
12. I can’t look at bare pregnant bellies. It makes me nauseated.
13. I love going to the operating theatre and seeing the blood and guts.
14. I sing in the car – very loudly.
15. I hate Karaoke and will rarely, if ever, sing in front of friends if asked.
16. I felt I was very old when I lost my virginity.
17. I have been trying to make up for lost time ever since.
18. I get very frustrated with myself when I lose things.
19. I rarely lose things.
20. I am worried I have dementia because I forget so much.
21. I have trouble with left and right – except when getting directions in Italian.
22. I only know about ten words of Italian.
23. When watching foreign films, I imagine I can actually understand the words – even though I am reading the whole time.
24. I miss my maternal Grandmother – she died when I was 16.
25. I never cried when she died. And still haven’t.
26. I briefly contemplated suicide.
27. But never did it because I knew it would destroy my parents.
28. I worry that I will never fall in love again.
29. I am right-handed, except when I eat.
30. I pluck out all my grey hairs.
31. I fear I will have a bald spot before I consent to dying my hair.
32. I love buying books.
33. I sometimes don’t read all the books I have bought.
34. I flirt a lot.
35. And it doesn’t matter with whom. Male, Female, Gay, Straight.
36. I hate ballet and modern dance. It bores me silly.
37. I love opera and classical music.
38. I cried at my first opera.
39. I cried when Darth Vadar died in “The Return of the Jedi”.
40. I am an excellent speller.
41. I can’t sit in a spa/pool and drink.
42. Even thinking about wanting to pee, makes me want to pee.
43. I am not sure if I want kids.
44. I am not sure if I don’t want kids.
45. I hate slap-stick humour.
46. Very few comedians make me guffaw with laughter.
47. I love to laugh with friends.
48. I hate big crowds.
49. I won’t go to concerts because of the crowds.
50. I hate being tickled – more than anything. It hurts.
51. I sometimes get claustrophobic, and often it is after sex when a guy might “cuddle”.
52. A good smelling man turns me on.
53. I was single all through university.
54. At any point in time, I always seem to have a crush on someone.
55. I always wanted to have a partner that was first my friend.
56. I have always been paranoid about people leaving me. Even as a child.
57. I don’t recall having any childhood experience that makes me feel this way.
58. I love Buffy. I have watched all 7 seasons COUNTLESS times.
59. My first television crush was on “Gilbert” in “Anne of Green Gables”.
60. Every man I have seriously dated has told me he loved me after two weeks.
61. I thought this was normal until my current beau.
62. I hate it when people don’t shake my hand confidently.
63. I love hugging and kissing my friends.
64. I feel awkward hugging and kissing my parents and family.
65. I wanted to be an astronaut.
66. I used to be scared of flying.
67. I try not to be self-absorbed, but essentially, I am.
68. I can only sleep on my side.
69. I cannot play Monopoly. I get violent. Really violent.
70. I have never been able to do a hand-stand. Or the splits.
71. I have never had measles, mumps, chicken-pox etc etc etc.
72. I have hand-bag issues. I love them.
73. I am emotionally high-maintenance in relationships.
74. I generally travel by myself. And I like it.
75. If I dyed my hair, I always wanted it to be platinum blonde.
76. I can’t wear flat shoes – they hurt my calves.
77. I can ride a bike with no hands.
78. When I was married, I used to joke that when he left me I would be keeping the bed and my knives.
79. I got to keep them both when he left me.
80. I used to feel secretly guilty about being happy when my husband went away for work.
81. I find multiple choice exams extremely difficult.
82. I hate Lindt chocolate balls. Regular Cadbury is fine with me.
83. I love sausage rolls and cheap sausages.
84. I have been turned on by visiting an abattoir.
85. I can be shy.
86. I think I am extremely normal most of the time.
87. I never liked sex that much when I was married.
88. Now I like it A LOT.
89. I also didn’t realize what a good lover my husband was until we split up.
90. I find very few things kinky.
91. I like my towels and sheets folded a certain way.
92. I love my sheets to be ironed.
93. I am not obsessive about anything else.
94. My eyes are brown/green and I will shag anyone who acknowledges that calls them green-ish rather than brown.
95. I disliked my mother for a very long time. Now I enjoy having her around a lot.
96. Politics bores me.
97. I love the way my first name is spelt.
98. Even though NOONE ever gets it right.
99. I love the number 7. I am not sure why.
100. I love looking in other people’s trolleys when I go grocery shopping. I can imagine their life from their food purchases.


Ho said...

Cath, I love this! Re: the abattoir, saw Fast Food Nation last night - mucho abattoir action in that one, don't know if it'll tickle you pink though...

Anonymous said...

I knew 2 and 14, but I have heard you in the car ;)

Niti said...

I have never met you and I accidentally found you on google, but we are the same person, I think.

That might be a weird way to introduce myself. But I hope we can be friends.

Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Cathryn,

I am a f*cking good speller too!
It is a lost art.

Miss Tracey