Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Where Cath over-analyses something.... hmmm surprise?

Sadly I do wait on any phone call or text message I get from Bond. I used to keep old messages to re-read later for my own amusement, and perhaps to read particularly lovely, or salacious, ones for other reasons. Not long ago, when reading over some of these messages, I began to notice something. Bond is not one for affectionate words, or really any great show of emotion. This has often been difficult for me, since I am quite emotionally needy. I like/need/desire daily affirmation of affection. Since I don’t get it from Bond, I would read over his old messages for that daily boost. I thought it cute that often he would end his messages with “Hugs and kisses – OXOXO”. Being me, I read a lot more affection into it than he probably meant to convey. But, regardless, they were comforting. For a while. Until I realized something.


When I asked him about it, he commented, “Of course! You think I would type it all in every time?”. Err, yes I did. Clearly I am naïve about this sort of thing. So does it mean less if it is affectionately "templated"?


kiki said...

it totally means less.

if he's too lazy to write a couple of characters everytime then...

i don't want to bring bad vibes

hugs and kisses - xoxo

londongirl said...

I'm with kiki. Originality is good. He can't be THAT busy to not have time to type 120 characters can he?

And do you want someone who does the same thing every time in other departments???