Thursday, December 14, 2006

Calling for help!

OK, so, say you wanted to STOP ringing someone. But you know their number so well you could recite it in your sleep - so deleting it seems somehow redundant. And you live on your mobile phone (for work), so the temptation to ring is always with you. You might be a little obsessive about your phone and never turn it off, and have been known to check it even when you are sure you heard noone ring or message come through.

But you really want to stop ringing someone because the fact that they don't answer is sending you insane. And you know you should stop ringing because if they say they are going to ring, and they don't - well shouldn't that mean something?

Fellow bloggers, and those loitering around reading,.... what do I do?


Anonymous said...

You ring a friend instead. Any time you go to make the call ring your detour buddy. I just made that up!!! You can ring me if you like. No need for conversation, just acknowledgement.

Oh, let me clarify that....I won't be accepting calls at 2 o'clock in the morning. You might need to find a real insomniac for those calls.

Miss T

Wishtup said...

my insomnia has about a 1am limit... sorry! you could possibly arrange the barring of the call via your friendly telephone provider... can block international dialling for example...

MMQC said...

I am trying to teach myself not to check for sms obsessively, when I realized that if anyone watches how often I check it's actually a little creepy. So some advice:

Well, firstly the obvious- don't call repeatedly, cause that's creepy.

Actually I usually vary between two totally different techniques for ignoring the urge to check phone/call- I either leave it in my bedroom on silent, and only check it for legitimate reasons (ie, time, expecting a call etc...yes, sometimes I cheat.), or I leave it somewhere on loud profile and only check it if I am ABSOLUTELY sure it rang/beeped/whatever.

So the short version of that big long bs thing is- willpower. Sucks, but that's the way it is.

Sarah said...

I agree, the phone buddy is the best bet. She will tell you all the reasons why you shouldn't call him and she won't make fun you when you cry.

Um, not that I know this, of course :)

Anonymous said...

Miss C,
I'm with Miss T and her suggestion ... so put me on the "detour buddy" list, although I am nowhere near an insomniac as my limit is about 10pm [yes, pathetic I know]... but there to support you too. Miss D

Beige Ho said...


Detour buddy idea = excellent. Add me to the list.

Anonymous said...

Okay Ms C,
am willing to take the 1-5:30am shift :P (after that I am on my way to work!)

Emma Kaufmann said...

I hear Electric Shock Therapy is quite effective in ruining major areas of memory pertaining to phone numbers. A mite extreme though, perhaps.

a giRL liKe mE said...

Somehow you are going to have to stop yourself phoning that person.

It sounds as though it's in your best interests... not that that ever helped any of us resist temptation!

akvin said...

I came across your site by chance.

I think you should select a few pages of the phonebook and study them with a view to memorising random 40 numbers. The point is to flush your number memory beyond repair. Then to it again after two hours. Then again at the end of the day before going to bed. Repeat next day in the evening. Wait two days, do it again. Then wait another two days and do it again.

That should do it.

Hope it works.

In the alternative you could ring your home phone and leave the message you would have left had you called the uncallable. When you get home you'll be able to gauge if you really had something good to say.

Hope it helps

ozbhoy said...

Will power.

That's a rather obvious answer but if every fibre of your being is calling for you to do something that is in the end counter productive, than only through strentgh of mind can you hope to achieve.