Tuesday, December 19, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like...nah it's not really

Normally I love Christmas. Usually I have the tree up on December 1, in a glory of decorations and lights. I decorate the house with a small, but festive, selection of decorations including a traditional style Santa, Angels, door wreaths and yuletide cushions. I have a stylised nativity scene that I arrange on the television, and lights in the windows of stars and such. But so far this year, nothing much. My therapist recommended I put in some effort and have some sort of mini-tree. I bought a charming and chic LED and crystal mini-tree and have even turned it on twice so far.

Understandably, Christmas spirit is a little wanting this year. Bond's presents are sitting by my bed waiting for me to do something with them. (And, no, I can't return some of them.) I have celebrated an early Christmas with my parents, anticipating to be away. So, it is now a bit of anti-climax.

Although, now that I am to be spending time home, I have actually gotten some presents from friends, that I would otherwise not have expected. And, they are all good! A girlfriend of mine lives in Dubai, but still managed to arrange delivery of a bottle of Veuve Cliquot to work today. Another girlfriend gave me a hilarious book and some massage oil - in preparation of Bond's anticipated arrival.

But the one I was worried about was today's Secret Santa at work. In the past I have made it quite clear about gifts that I will NOT accept. Frankly, if someone resorts to giving me soap, or hand lotion - they clearly do not know me. Surely my personality at work is large enough to give some ammunition for amusing gifts before resorting to the "bail out" gift of hand lotion? Last year, I made it clear enough about the lotion, that indeed, someone was thoughtful enough to give me a more considered gift. Although a daily reminder about my pathetic dating life, in the form of a page-a-day "He's just not that into you" Calendar, was bordering on a little hurtful. But today's present, again reflected on my awesome skills in finding either unsuitable and/or unavailable men - but with an amusing twist.

People I bring you my new beloved - Mr Wonderful.

He speaks missives and acts of kindness, all with a cheery grin and handsome attire. Although his dispropionately large hands disturb me somewhat. And that is the only thing that disturbs me*.

*Don't judge me..... well not too much anyway!


fat ho said...

i SO would have bought you ironic hand lotion...

ozbhoy said...

"bordering on a little hurtful"

That's not almost hurtful that's out and out fucking rude.

You should have found the prick and inserted it square up their jacksy as that would give them twelve months to reconsider their fucktardiness ( I just made up a word )

MMQC said...

Effort is so over-rated. I did the effort thing even though I wasn't feeling the christmas spirit- put the full sized tree up and decorated it by myself- putting up the tree alone made me feel sad!

Mr Wonderful, excellent!

a giRL liKe mE said...

Oh dear, Secret Santa can have shocking results at times!

I hope you have a happy Christmas. Try not to let the bastards get you down!