Monday, December 11, 2006

There is no volume switch on good conversation!

I have never denied that I am a geek. I think it is proof positive since I am in a Choir, I tap-dance and I studied Physics. It really is a no-brainer. But what really clinches the geek title for me is the fact that I am in a book club. Once a month I get together with a bunch of women (no, men don't read apparently), and we ostensibly
gather to discuss the book of the month. This often doesn't go on for too long, before we digress into discussions of any other topic that comes to mind.

What I absolutely adore about women is our ability, when comfortable in each other's company, is to discuss the most insanely personal things that would otherwise never enter our minds to talk about. There were no embarrassing flushes or hushed tones. Over wine and some Vietnamese, five women discussed, with much vigour, mucus. We discussed texture, colour, occasion, form and function. We oohed andaahed at each other's stories and revelled in the sharing and imparting of such an important and informative topic.

Although, in retrospect, we perhaps should have lowered our voices just a little.
So if you were sitting near five boisterous ladies in North Fitzroy recently, discussing such a topic. I hope you found it as educational as we did!


kate said...

that is what is so fabulous about being a girl.

Emma Kaufmann said...

Wow, I think I would have enjoyed that conversation.

Anonymous said...

No real difference from that conversation to what males talk about? Mucus as a conversation rates up there with farts (flatulence for those who are sensistive), bowel movements and burping. All normal conversations as far as I (and a fair few of my friends) am concerned.
No need to worry what other people think if they overhear, they are probably as interested as you are in it.

ozbhoy said...

I received schooling in mucus last week.

So I stoically read through.