Friday, December 08, 2006

What are words for?

I am quite adept at text messaging. I have had conversations via text which have been more informative and meaningful than some dates that I have endured. To further enhance my text Goddess demeanour, I never use those funky short terms so common amongst "kids today". Full spelling and correct grammar is a must. As a result, over time I have had to teach my phone a number of words and have increased its dictionary
quite substantially.

Rob has found that he too must constantly add words to his phone's dictionary. But his phone doesn't seem to want to learn a few words - despite him having saved them numerous times. Apparently it has a problem with "Kilda", as in St Kilda, his suburb. Perhaps his phone is a touch anti-Semitic, or homophobic?

Strangely, last night I found I had to teach my phone the word "bastard". How could I have had this phone for so long and not had the need to write that word until now? More curiously, people seem to think it odd that I have noted that the same letter combinations are required for "coal", "cock" and "anal". And I know this because of the number of times I have had to cycle through the options to get the word I am looking for.

Make of that what you will people.


Sarah said...

LOL! The first thing I have to do when I get a new phone is to teach it to swear. I'm glad I'm not the only one!

kate said...

i'm also obsessed with text messaging. it's so much easier than having to have an actual conversation. lol.

MMQC said...

Hehe, I remember when somebody told me about the coal/cock/anal thing, I thought it was hysterical!

I am obsessed with text messaging also, and read much more into them than people intend. Maybe I need a twelve step program?

Niti said...

I had to teach my phone to say "hahaha" because I use that a lot.

texting is so clean, and I love it. you can also do it at the movie theater.

Anonymous said...

Miss C, you have a txt messaging soul-mate in MMQC not because of the coal/cock/anal hysteria but the "read much more into them than people intend"!!! an observation made with hugs and kisses of course!

kiki said...

you often have to teach the phone words again for one simple reason. it's CPU is not large and can hence only store a certain amount. what your phone does is remembers the newest and/or most used words that you have added and forgets the rest.

so there you have it

kiki said...

"I never use those funky short terms so common amongst "kids today". "
this coming from someone who constantly uses 'lol' in emails...?