Thursday, January 11, 2007

Holiday Options

I am all confusion. I need a holiday. Badly. But I don't know what to do, where to go, or when. Realistically, in answer to those questions I could easily say; not work, anywhere but here, and as soon as possible. Clearly these are not particularly helpful to either myself or any travel professional trying to aid me in my quest for escape.

I have never had problems with holidaying by myself. In fact, I have often quite enjoyed it since there is no problem with having to do something you don't want to do, just to make a travel companion happy. You can live by your own timetable, and do as little, or as much as you see fit. My problem this time is that I don't want to have to spend yet another holiday alone.

I thought then of a tour group option. My lazy brain was attracted to the thought of not having to think about what to do, since it is all planned for you. I have never done a tour group before, and it could easily work as a means to an ends in this instance. Sadly, in approximately three weeks, I will no longer be eligible to travel on Contiki tours, and will be relegated to sad, old-people tours, probably filled with old married couples. So that idea is really no good at all.

I thought about maybe entertaining the idea of an activity based holiday. Cooking in Vietnam, or learning a language somewhere. But somehow, the options available didn't inspire me so much to overcome the over-priced cost.

My best option so far is a health retreat, where I can wander between organised activities, and spa treatments, or laze and read a book. All with catered meals and the chance to maybe get fitter, healthier and leaner thrown into the bargain. But somehow this is still coming up as not quite right for the mood I am in.

So, I ask you, any suggestions for a single, bored and lonely woman for holiday ideas that will not make me feel anymore single, bored and lonely?


Markus O'really-us said...

at long last I've pulled my finger out...back and writing. I've a zillion inappropriate ideas for holiday...

Damm your legs are stunning.

Do you remember me?

Wishtup said...

salsa congress : )

a giRL liKe mE said...

Backpacking. Most people backpack alone anyway, and make new friends. Europe would be a good place, but a long way from home. Eastern Europe's cheap though.

Cath said...

Markus: Hello! I do remember you - 'tis been a long hiatus....

Wishtup: Salsa, my dear, is your thing - or don't you remember me groaning through the hours of DVD you made me watch... ;)

A Girl..: Backpacked - check. Eastern Europe - check. *sigh*

londongirl said...

- I think that the activity hols plan is a good idea, but don't do the spa thing. You'll just meet lots of other single women. V.depressing.

How about something like a week learning to surf? Loads of blokes! Or a week learning to kite surf (always fancied that actually).
Or go on a Mark Warner holiday (there can be bargains at the last minute) - loads of singletons so you won't feel like a spare part. Or Exodus trips (expensive tho, so know what you mean). Or a ski trip? (again, nielsen or mark warner). Loads of people around and if you do lessons, you'll bond straight away.

Or go and visit a friend who lives in a nice place? Or do one of those cycle holidays (where they move your luggage)?

These are all things that I've thought about doing at some point - sorry if they're all rubbish ideas. Might spark off something for you tho.

Or do something like go to a city where your family has connections/history but you've never been - and track down the old house or whatever.

Good luck! have fun.

PS. Love Bella Figlia Dell'Amore.

Beige Ho said...

You *love* to drive. Jump in your car and just go (one hour at a time, of course) - get on the road and head for another state. Sydney Festival's on right now and I believe that Ralph Fiennes is in town reading Beckett... Get some culcha in you!